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Application Closed

The window to apply for the Randolph IMT program has currently closed. The application will open on September 1st 2025.

Apply Now!

To begin the Application process you must first make an Apprentice Scope account and follow the steps to start the application. If you need help use the button below to download the step by step PDF.

Step 1.

Make your ApprentiScope account using the button above.

Step 2.

After making your account navigate to the left hand side of the Dashboard and choose Checklist.

Step 3.

Use the link and password in the first step of the checklist to start your application.

Step 4.

Download the PDF in the email that was sent once you complete the application.

Step 5.

Go back to and upload the PDF with the button in the bottom right hand corner.

Step 6.

Go back to the Checklist and call and set up an appointment with the information in the second step.